Springfield Agricultural Society

The Colouring and Writing Contests are open to 6 Age Groups.


1st - $4.00    2nd - $3.00     3rd - $2.00

A. 4 years and under

B. 5 to 8 years

C. 9 to 12 years

D. 13 to 16 years


1st - 2021 Membership      2nd - 2021 Membership

E. 17 to 19 years

F.  Adult

All entries must be the work of the entrant. All entries must be received no later than midnight August 31, 2020. Monetary prizes will be given at the 2021 Fair.

Winners will be posted on the site along with all entries will be posted on this site mid-September, 2020.

Entries can be emailed to [email protected]

All entries must include the following information:

Name of entrant

Age group (A, B, C, D, E or F)

Phone number and/or email address

Colouring Contest

The colouring page can be any hand coloured illustration. Simply scan or take a photo of your colouring page and attach it to the email.

Writing Contest

The writing contest should be a Short Story about life during isolation, ie. the family spending more time together, the activities done, the digital classrooms, etc. Although not a requirement, please feel free to include illustrations with your story.

The writing contest can be submitted in any text program format (Word, Pages, Notepad etc.) or copied and pasted directly to the email.

We will be creating documents containing entries which will be posted on the Fair website. Each page of the document will include the entrant’s first name and initial only (ie. Tom Smith - Tom S).

If for any reason, you would prefer we only post the first name or no name, please state your preference in the email.

Good Luck and Stay Safe!